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Mar 19 - Cloud Security: 3 Intelligent Ways to Lock Down Your Enterprise
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3/19/2013   113 comments
Cloud services require a certain amount of surrendering control, which is antithetical to most infosec professionals. But trusted third-parties can play an important role in complementing an organization's security strategy, especially those SMBs that are facing budget cuts or smaller headcounts. We look at where cloud-based security can be most useful, from stopgap measures to overarching strategic systems and processes that reside in the cloud. Speaker: John Pironti, President, IP Architects
Mar 11 - 5 Smart Ways To Improve VM Backups
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3/11/2013   95 comments
Virtual machines (VMs) offer SMBs lots of flexibility and cost-savings; they can also proliferate like crazy and become a management (and version control) nightmare. We look at some best practices and common pitfalls to VM backups, and explore ways that SMBs can streamline this aspect of their backup processes. Speaker: Greg Schulz, Sr. Advisor, The Server and StorgeIO Group
Mar 08 - Pretty Poison: Avoiding the Perils of Freeware
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3/8/2013   191 comments
It's 2013 and you'd think, by now, even the newest users would know to avoid free downloads and free apps. The problem is, this freeware usually comes with some cleverly disguised malware embedded in it - keystroke loggers, botnet clients, and worse. While some organizations have filtering that blocks unauthorized download on the company networks, these get subverted when bring-your-own-device (BYOD) hardware enters the picture. Find out more about how to combat this ongoing challenge, and what smarter companies have done to reduce the freeware threat. Speaker: Matt Heusser, Principal Consultant, Excelon Development
Mar 01 - Cloud Backup: 5 Eye-Opening Facts Every User Should Know
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3/1/2013   76 comments
The sales proposition for cloud-based storage holds such promise: capacity on-demand; shrink it or grow it as business needs dictate; third-party management and oversight to ensure data integrity. But the details can be trying -and disastrous for organizations that plunge blindly into cloud-based backup. Our expert speaker outlines five smart tips that aren't obvious until you really dig beneath the surface of the sales promises. Speaker: Brian Margolies, CIO, Allied Beverage
Nov 28 - Cloud Security: Ready to Rumble?
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11/28/2012   103 comments
More and more SMBs are looking to the cloud to streamline and save money. But cloud services get dinged regularly for the lack of good security or for the porous nature of authentication and access to precious online resources. While cloud service providers have beefed up their offerings substantially in the last two years, are they strong enough to be trustworthy now? Where could they further improve their offerings for SMBs? We check in with an expert who can guide IT pros and owners of small and midsized businesses. Speaker: Matt Heusser, Principal Consultant, Excelon Development
Nov 14 - 5 Smart Things Every Company Should Know About Cloud Backup
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11/14/2012   80 comments
Cloud-based backup and archiving services come in a variety of configurations and price points, and there are lots of considerations for configuring a contract. How much capacity (and excess capacity) will you need? Can you encrypt only by application type (all archived email, for example), or can you get as granular as a single file (last quarter's financials)? How easy is it to control costs as requirements ratchet up (or down)? These are just some of the issues companies should look at as they consider external third-parties for critical backup and storage functions. Speaker: Greg Schulz, Principal & Founder, Server and StorageIO
Nov 6 - What SMBs Should Not Virtualize
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11/6/2012   114 comments
The prospect of reduced costs, reduced footprint, and ease of management has every SMB owner or CFO excited. But in the rush to 100 percent virtualization there are landmines to look out for: Issues with disaster recovery, specialized hardware, and resource usage mean certain types of applications aren 1t necessarily ripe for virtualization. This show will examine the types of applications or servers that are most difficult for SMBs to virtualize, when they aren't worth it, and how to prioritize your virtualization efforts to get the most benefit quickly. Speaker: Marco Coulter, Director of Storage, TheInfoPro Research
Oct 25 - 3 Top Rules for Backing Up Unstructured Data
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10/25/2012   95 comments
Speaker: Mike Karp, VP & Principal Analyst, Ptak, Noel & Associates An enormous portion of any organization's big-data is made up of unstructured email, files, graphics, and text not associated with database systems and applications. The basic rules that help businesses organize this data for analysis begin with how unstructured data gets stored and archived. This session explores a set of fundamental tenets that will help any group get started on an effective plan for backing up and working with the biggest chunk (and fastest growing part) of their stored data.
Oct 16 - Hit the Road Safely: Keeping Mobile Employees Connected & Secure
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10/16/2012   97 comments
As more employees from small and midsized business spend less time in the office, it's imperative that they have full access to company data, collaborative tools, and business assets - yet equally critical that their mobile devices, network access, and data are secure. Here's a look at some of the technologies IT professionals are using to accomplish both goals and keep itinerant SMB users connected and secure in the process. Speaker: Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst, IT-Harvest
Oct 10 - Strategies for Addressing Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
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10/10/2012   50 comments
Speaker: Brian Margolies, CIO, Allied Beverage The advanced malware attacks that have been launched against governments and government systems in the last 18 months are giving pause to many in the business world, and creating fear and uncertainty where protection is concerned. We check in with an industry expert to place this threat in its proper context and suggest some methods for mitigating any harm from an advanced persistent threat attack.
Oct 3 - How SMBs Can Get Smarter About Virtualization
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10/3/2012   85 comments
Virtual machines are easy to set up and tear down, which benefits SMBs enormously - unfortunately it also generates an enormous volume of VMs that need to be backed up. Which ones should be preserved beyond the usual archiving windows? There are also lots of questions over whether SMBs should filter VMs for malware to ensure they don't re-infect themselves when the VM is retrieved later. Our guest offers pointers specifically tailored to the unique operating aspects of SMBs. Speaker: Adam Winter, President, SwiftecIT Inc.
Sept 27 - Realigning Backups With the Business
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9/27/2012   140 comments
Speaker: Greg Schulz, Principal, Server and Storage IO It's time to modernize your backup strategy for both physical and virtual servers to support growth while meeting service-level objectives in a budget-consciousmanner. There are many different technologies and techniques, including data footprint reduction (DFR), to remove cost from backups. Some of the technologies and techniques that will be discussed as enabling tools include archiving, backup tools, compression, and data deduplication. We'll discuss common challenges pertaining to protecting applications, data, and virtual machine (VM) installations, along with what you can do about it today.
Sept 19 - Email Security in the Era of Freemail, Webmail & Cloud Services
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9/19/2012   99 comments
What can SMBs and end-users do to mitigate the risks associated with email? It's more than just using advanced passwords or changing them frequently. There's also spam, phishing, and spear-phishing to deal with now. We check in with an industry expert who pinpoints the common mistakes and details that companies overlook as they try to protect themselves and their files. Speaker: John P. Pironti, President, IP Architects LLC
Sept 13 - Infosec Triage: Assessing & Prioritizing Your Biggest Security Threats
Video Broadcast  
9/13/2012   127 comments
Speaker: Gideon Lenkey, President, Co-Founder, Ra SecuritySystems Information security professionals are expected to juggle a lot: malicious code that sneaks past anti-virus filters; phishing attacks that get more clever and subtle by the day; cross-site scripting and dedicated denial-of-service attacks, to name a few. But in a business climate with flat or shrinking budgets, where are resources best dedicated? We survey the infosec landscape and create a new context by which to assess which threats business should monitor most closely.
July 26: How BYOD Is Forcing SMBs to Change Their Infosec Strategies
Video Broadcast  
7/26/2012   175 comments
Speaker: John P. Pironti, President, IP Architects LLCThe whole "consumerization of IT" trend is prompting IT professionals to reconsider all parts of their job and the attending processes they oversee. None, however, is more important than device security and the safety of the data that resides on it.
July 17: 5 Easy Ways to Streamline Backup for SMBs
Video Broadcast  
7/17/2012   282 comments
Speaker: Greg Schulz, Principal & Founder, Server and StorageIO Part of modernizing data protection includes finding and fixing problems as close to the source as possible vs. treating symptoms downstream at the target or where data gets protected. This session looks at how to protect virtual and physical environments in a cost-effective manner, including the use of archiving, backup redesign, compression, de-dupe, and storage tiering.
July 10: Drilling Into Today's Malware: What Really Works?
Video Broadcast  
7/10/2012   202 comments
Speaker: Gideon Lenkey, President, Co-Founder, Ra Security Systems Inc. Infosec and IT professionals are so saturated with malware news and updates that many have grown accustomed to the idea of exposure. Even advanced persistent threats (APTs) have begun to feel like a toothless buzzword. But malware is more effective than ever - it's stealthier, more efficient, and more narrowly targeted at sensitive information. Malware is now conquering historically resistant platforms like the Apple Macintosh and smartphones. How can we protect ourselves?
June 26: Simplifying Backup With Virtual Tape Libraries & Active Archiving
Video Broadcast  
6/26/2012   168 comments
Speaker: Joseph Martins, Managing Director, Data Mobility Group LLC As storage capacities reach terabyte and petabyte thresholds, businesses have struggled with how to evolve their backup processes without breaking the bank. Virtual tape libraries and active archiving help alleviate a significant portion of the load currently bogging down backups. In this session, we discuss how VTL and AA can simplify backups, minimize data protection costs, and improve accessibility in the face of relentless data growth.
June 19: 3 Smart Things SMBs Can Do to Avoid Cyber Attacks
Video Broadcast  
6/19/2012   202 comments
Speaker: Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst, IT-Harvest Security In a nutshell: Eliminate Microsoft Exchange, migrate away from Windows, and move all Websites to a secure hosting service. We look at the pros and cons of these provocative solutions, as well as the cost of doing nothing.
June 12: Cloud vs. Local Storage: What Data Goes Where?
Video Broadcast  
6/12/2012   273 comments
Speaker: Mike Karp, VP & Principal Analyst, Ptak, Noel & Associates SMBs face a host of choices for where to house their stored data for backup and archiving. Local storage pricing has been trending downward during the last five years, but cloud-based services are also capturing SMB attention - and IT dollars. We take a closer look at how IT pros at small and midsized businesses can decide which solution is right for them.

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