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Content posted in March 2013
Mar 19 - Cloud Security: 3 Intelligent Ways to Lock Down Your Enterprise
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3/19/2013   113 comments
Cloud services require a certain amount of surrendering control, which is antithetical to most infosec professionals. But trusted third-parties can play an important role in complementing an organization's security strategy, especially those SMBs that are facing budget cuts or smaller headcounts. We look at where cloud-based security can be most useful, from stopgap measures to overarching strategic systems and processes that reside in the cloud. Speaker: John Pironti, President, IP Architects
Mar 11 - 5 Smart Ways To Improve VM Backups
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3/11/2013   95 comments
Virtual machines (VMs) offer SMBs lots of flexibility and cost-savings; they can also proliferate like crazy and become a management (and version control) nightmare. We look at some best practices and common pitfalls to VM backups, and explore ways that SMBs can streamline this aspect of their backup processes. Speaker: Greg Schulz, Sr. Advisor, The Server and StorgeIO Group
Mar 08 - Pretty Poison: Avoiding the Perils of Freeware
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3/8/2013   191 comments
It's 2013 and you'd think, by now, even the newest users would know to avoid free downloads and free apps. The problem is, this freeware usually comes with some cleverly disguised malware embedded in it - keystroke loggers, botnet clients, and worse. While some organizations have filtering that blocks unauthorized download on the company networks, these get subverted when bring-your-own-device (BYOD) hardware enters the picture. Find out more about how to combat this ongoing challenge, and what smarter companies have done to reduce the freeware threat. Speaker: Matt Heusser, Principal Consultant, Excelon Development
Mar 01 - Cloud Backup: 5 Eye-Opening Facts Every User Should Know
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3/1/2013   76 comments
The sales proposition for cloud-based storage holds such promise: capacity on-demand; shrink it or grow it as business needs dictate; third-party management and oversight to ensure data integrity. But the details can be trying -and disastrous for organizations that plunge blindly into cloud-based backup. Our expert speaker outlines five smart tips that aren't obvious until you really dig beneath the surface of the sales promises. Speaker: Brian Margolies, CIO, Allied Beverage

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