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Content posted in June 2012
June 26: Simplifying Backup With Virtual Tape Libraries & Active Archiving
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6/26/2012   168 comments
Speaker: Joseph Martins, Managing Director, Data Mobility Group LLC As storage capacities reach terabyte and petabyte thresholds, businesses have struggled with how to evolve their backup processes without breaking the bank. Virtual tape libraries and active archiving help alleviate a significant portion of the load currently bogging down backups. In this session, we discuss how VTL and AA can simplify backups, minimize data protection costs, and improve accessibility in the face of relentless data growth.
June 19: 3 Smart Things SMBs Can Do to Avoid Cyber Attacks
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6/19/2012   202 comments
Speaker: Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst, IT-Harvest Security In a nutshell: Eliminate Microsoft Exchange, migrate away from Windows, and move all Websites to a secure hosting service. We look at the pros and cons of these provocative solutions, as well as the cost of doing nothing.
June 12: Cloud vs. Local Storage: What Data Goes Where?
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6/12/2012   273 comments
Speaker: Mike Karp, VP & Principal Analyst, Ptak, Noel & Associates SMBs face a host of choices for where to house their stored data for backup and archiving. Local storage pricing has been trending downward during the last five years, but cloud-based services are also capturing SMB attention - and IT dollars. We take a closer look at how IT pros at small and midsized businesses can decide which solution is right for them.

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