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Content posted in September 2012
Sept 27 - Realigning Backups With the Business
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9/27/2012   140 comments
Speaker: Greg Schulz, Principal, Server and Storage IO It's time to modernize your backup strategy for both physical and virtual servers to support growth while meeting service-level objectives in a budget-consciousmanner. There are many different technologies and techniques, including data footprint reduction (DFR), to remove cost from backups. Some of the technologies and techniques that will be discussed as enabling tools include archiving, backup tools, compression, and data deduplication. We'll discuss common challenges pertaining to protecting applications, data, and virtual machine (VM) installations, along with what you can do about it today.
Sept 19 - Email Security in the Era of Freemail, Webmail & Cloud Services
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9/19/2012   99 comments
What can SMBs and end-users do to mitigate the risks associated with email? It's more than just using advanced passwords or changing them frequently. There's also spam, phishing, and spear-phishing to deal with now. We check in with an industry expert who pinpoints the common mistakes and details that companies overlook as they try to protect themselves and their files. Speaker: John P. Pironti, President, IP Architects LLC
Sept 13 - Infosec Triage: Assessing & Prioritizing Your Biggest Security Threats
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9/13/2012   127 comments
Speaker: Gideon Lenkey, President, Co-Founder, Ra SecuritySystems Information security professionals are expected to juggle a lot: malicious code that sneaks past anti-virus filters; phishing attacks that get more clever and subtle by the day; cross-site scripting and dedicated denial-of-service attacks, to name a few. But in a business climate with flat or shrinking budgets, where are resources best dedicated? We survey the infosec landscape and create a new context by which to assess which threats business should monitor most closely.

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